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We all want a home that’s customised to our own tastes and lifestyle, but until recently it’s been difficult to include wallpaper in the mix. After all, buying bespoke has tended to involve splashing out on an interior designer or knowing where to go to have something commissioned. But now you can make your wall coverings truly your own with Brand McKenzie.

The company uses digital printing to produce its wallpapers, meaning they can be printed on demand and to order – and crucially, they can be altered quickly and easily to match customers’ specifications.

“If you want to change the background colour of the paper to tie in with a cushion, for example, this can be done for a one-off artwork fee,” says Kerry McKenzie, co-founder of Brand McKenzie. “Once you have approved the sample, you can order as many rolls as you want for no additional cost.”

There are other benefits to this personalised approach. For example, there’s less waste, which is good for the planet, and less storage needed.

“Typically, wallpaper collections comprise several different designs,” continues Kerry. “With traditional printing, hundreds of rolls are produced and put into storage without knowing which of the designs will sell well. The beauty of digital printing is that the design expectations and requirements of our clients can be met, without the need to keep a large stock of every design.”

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